Creating a Bespoke Scottish Sporran

Custom Designed Scottish Sporrans

We have come a long way since we started in 1999 with only 6 styles of sporran and two members of staff working in a family garden shed. After moving premises a few more times and gaining an extra 5 members of staff we are now firmly rooted in Perth, Scotland in our very own workshop. Over the years to comply with increase in demand of creating a variety for our customers, we have developed our range of semi-dress, leather and dress-sporrans in a way that allows our customers endless combinations of designs which can make their sporran bespoke.

So, how do I start?

Where to start? When designing a sporran, it is best to start with the look you are trying to achieve.  Are you looking for something that can replicate a historical piece? Or perhaps you are looking for something a bit more unique and tailored to your tartan. Whatever the preferred fit is to be, our brochure is designed in a way that can let customers alter leathers and furs to reach their desired look.

ac4 fox scottish sporran

We encourage customers to shop around our website to determine whether the shape of the sporran they would like to go for, semi-formal, leather, or full-dress. This is a great foundation to build the sporran design as how much leather is exposed will prompt customers to decide on the exterior colour of the sporran. We have over 10 stock exterior leathers options to choose from, with more available on request.

Choosing the fur can be the most difficult decision as it is the most exposed part of the sporran and on display in center of the kilt, so it has to be just right! Luckily, we have over 36 pelts in stock to choose from, whether there is a stripe of red through your tartan or a particular shade you are trying to pick up we are sure to have a pelt that will suit. Our full-dress sporrans are made in a way that allows our metal work to fit on any sporran, so if you have seen a particular cantle or finish that you like but not the pelt that it is on it we are able to put this on a different pelt to suit your design.

The internals of a Margaret Morrison sporran are unlike any other, our full-dress sporrans come with credit card slots, change pocket and a key-ring snap on to keep your house key safe. Not only this, but the interior suede also colour palette offers customers the choice of eight suede options to choose from.

The last component of designing a bespoke sporran is the metal finish in which you would like your sporran, we have two finishes available chrome and antique. Whichever metal finish you choose this will be applied to any aspect of the sporran which metal is exposed and the chain strap to match.

Extra touches!

Many times, a bespoke sporran is designed as a gift, either a future family heirloom or to the groom so why not add personal engraving to make this gift extra special!

Ready to order?

If you are ready to order your bespoke sporran and it is not available on the website, please email our sales team: . Our dedicated team of sporran makers will be happy to work with you to achieve your design. We also welcome any customers who would like to come to the workshop and design a sporran in person, please email before visiting as we are only open Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:4:30pm.