AC4 Grey Fox Sporran

£298.84 including VAT

American Grey Fox Artisan Classic Semi dress sporran  


American Grey Fox Artisan Classic Semi dress sporran  

A fury twist on our Artisan Classic 4 semi dress sporran by adding a grey fox front with leather tassels.

Handmade in Scotland from real leather hide and fur.

Bringing together several elements of traditional sporran making, hand binding, Celtic engraving , Brogued leather and hand pleated rope tassels make this a real statement Sporran.

Available in black, brown, light tan, dark tan, grey, saddle black, saddle tan and saddle brown with a choice of eight suede interiors.

Bespoke Services 

We are committed to offering the best when it comes to your sporran. Our dedicated team of sporran makers will be happy to accommodate any changes or personal touches you wish to make to your sporran. For more information about personal engraving services or additional skin/metalwork alternatives please contact our team: