Brass Bullseye in Rust

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Brass Bullseye in Rust Leather 

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New for 2023 Vintage Style Brass Leather Sporran

Vintage sporrans are prized for their historical and cultural significance. They are often made from high-quality materials such as leather, rabbit fur, or horsehair, and can feature intricate designs and patterns that reflect the traditional Scottish style. Which is exactly why we wanted to create a design which amplified all things traditional!

The use of sporrans dates back to the 16th century, when Scottish warriors would wear them as a means of carrying their personal belongings into battle. Today, sporrans are mainly worn for ceremonial and formal occasions, such as weddings, graduations, and Highland games.

Today, vintage sporran style is still popular for formal Scottish events such as weddings and ceilidhs, as well as for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the historical and cultural significance of these traditional Scottish accessories.


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