Highland cow Dress Sporran

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Highland Cow Dress sporran with matching metal work.

Made in Scotland using real Highland cow hide and leather.

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Handmade in Scotland from real leather hide and skin.

Genuine Scottish Highland Cow hide Sporran with Stag mount cantle.

A leather & pelt traditional sporran, made using Highland Cow fur complemented with a heavy highland cow cantle.

Available in a choice of Black, Brown, Light tan, Dark tan or Grey with a choice of eight alternative suede interiors to choose from.


Bespoke Services 

We are committed to offering the best when it comes to your sporran. Our dedicated team of sporran makers will be happy to accommodate any changes or personal touches you wish to make to your sporran. For more information about personal engraving services or additional skin/metalwork alternatives please contact our team: sales@morrison-sporrans.co.uk