Scottish Oak Brown Seal Sporran

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Scottish oak x brown seal skin dress sporran

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Scottish Oak wooden cantle

Handmade in Scotland using real Seal Skin.

Substituting metalwork for Scottish Oak brings a new feel to Handmade in Scotland, keeping traditional methods alive this sporran uses real seal skin to compliment the celtic design on the arms and center of this cantle.

Available in black, brown, light tan, dark tan, grey, saddle brown, saddle black and saddle tan, with a choice of eight suede interiors.

For further information or queries please contact email:  or telephone the workshop: 01738 630103


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Exterior Colour

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Interior Colour

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Skin Colour

Black Bovine, Black Seal, Brown Seal, Charcoal seal, Cream Bovine, Dark Grey Bovine, Dark Grey Seal, Gold-seal, Green Seal, Grey Bovine, Light Grey Seal, Light Grey Seal no spots, Light Ring Seal, Mid Grey Seal, Mid Ring Seal, Navy Blue Seal

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