Stag Antler Kilt Pin

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Antique Brushed Stag Antler Kilt Pin


Antique Brushed Stag Antler Kilt Pin


A kilt pin is a complimentary accessory to any kilt and should only be fastened through the top layer on the Kilt referred to as the apron. This acts as a weight to keep the top layer of fabric from lifting and deters damage to the under layers of the kilt. Your kilt pin should be placed at the bottom right-hand side of your kilt and typically 2-3” from the bottom of the kilt.


For a coordinated look we recommend matching the kilt pin to other accessories such as sporrans, sgian dubs, chain straps etc. The metal work used on the sporran can guide you in choosing which kilt pin is right for your outfit.


Need further assistance on choosing that important accessory? Contact our sales team:  our experienced team would be happy to advise or offer recommendations.

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