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Margaret Morrison - the beginning

What to do when you’re at a crossroad
in life, and your sister also happens to be joining you at the same junction?
Start a sporran business of course!

The inception of Margaret Morrison, now a second generation thriving family business, traces back to a simple yet transformative dinner
conversation between Greg and his sister Valerie. The seed of this successful
venture was shared over a bottle of wine, where Valerie, immersed in a career
in crafts, found her skills uniquely suited to the intricate art of crafting
traditional horsehair and leather sporrans. Greg's professional background in insurance and banking complemented
Valerie's expertise in sporran making, forming an ideal partnership for launching a business. Alongside
their plan to start a family business making traditional sporrans, the economy at the time was the
perfect environment for this idea to flourish. The Highlandwear industry was booming,
and kilt sales were on the rise, it was the right climate to enter the market, as every kilt needs a sporran!.

Within a mere three months of
operating out of a shed, Greg and Val found themselves actively seeking
commercial premises to accommodate the expanding machinery and equipment
essential for crafting sporrans. Their hunt led them to an opportune discovery
– an available industrial unit on the outskirts of Perth, situated at Scone

This marked the pivotal moment of
success for the pair when they obtained the keys to their first sporran making workshop. Behind
the doors of their new workshop was the creation of the first printed brochure
to hand out to customers, which proudly showcased the fifteen unique sporran designs
meticulously crafted by Greg and Val. Notably, the fine print on the sporran brochure's
back remains a testament to the enduring ethos shared by Margaret Morrison Sporran Makers

"We are determined to pass on Traditional skills"

Was a direct quote on the original sporran brochure produced almost 25 years ago.

This brochure marked the initial stride in making Margaret Morrison the vibrant brand you witness today.

Determining the right name for a business can be the most challenging aspect of launching it, as a compelling and memorable name is crucial for standing out in a crowded market. Take, for instance, the name Margaret Morrison, which may be mistaken for the owner's name. Interestingly, it was inspired by the first two individuals unofficially recruited by founders Greg and Valerie – Charles Morrison Whyte and Eilean Margaret Whyte, Greg, and Val's parents. The couple found themselves thrust into action when a surge of orders overflowed from their front living room, prompting a shift from the family's garden shed where Greg and Val initially handled production and shipping. The business quickly outgrew its humble beginnings, necessitating a name that now carries weight in the Highlandwear industry.

Today, the family tradition continues with Kimberley and Liam an integral part of the day-to-day running of the business.

Inside the Workshop

Our workshop serves as a hub for preserving and promoting Scotland's proud heritage of leather crafts, each product crafted in our workshop echoes the spirit of tradition while embracing the demands of the modern world.Creating bespoke sporrans is a labour-intensive process that requires skill, patience, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Explore the inside our workshop where our artisans are working tirelessly to transform raw materials into one-of-a-kind creations.


NEW FOR 2024


This featured collection is a captivating tribute to the Edwardian and Victorian era. Meticulously crafted, each sporran reflects the opulence and sophistication of that bygone time. With intricate details and luxurious materials, this collection seamlessly combines history and contemporary fashion for a truly distinctive accessory.

Customer Testimonials

"We Both Love It"

"my husband wanted a bespoke sporran and we were recommended Margaret Morrison ltd it has compartment for his mobile and is very spacious and we got our wedding date and initials also on it and the were very reasonably priced we both love it"- Jill McQueen

"Real Attention to Detail"

"Exceptional service and craftsmanship with real attention to detail. I had an idea for a sporran based on our regimental horse hair sporran, which was crafted and posted out within a couple of days. I honestly couldn’t have hoped for a better end result. The team from start to finish were extremely helpful and the results are second to none. All at a really reasonable price."- Ben Duncan

"Each sporran is an hierloom item"

"I have bought 3 sporrans from Margaret Morrison and each sporran is an heirloom item. I bought one for day wear, one for formal wear, and a novelty horse hair for when I am feeling nostalgic. Each sporran is a gem. As I said- they made a custom sporran for me- according to my design and wishes, but it feels like each sporran that I’ve bought from them feels bespoke to me! And each time I have been delighted with the customer service"- Martin Mitchell