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Regimental Sporrans and The Ministry of Defence

Margaret Morrison Ltd., Regimental Sporran Makers to the Ministry of Defence.

We have been the official suppliers of Regimental Horse Hair Sporrans, Military Purses and Piper's Horse Hair sporrans for over 25 years. All of our Regimental sporrans are made in Scotland by our team of highly skilled artisan sporran makers.
In the early days of Margaret Morrison the amalgamation of the six existing Scottish infantry units: The Royal Scots, the King's Own Scottish Borderers, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, The Black Watch, The Highlanders and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders to the Royal Regiment of Scotland was underway.
The tender for the supply of the uniforms and sporrans was advertised in the London Gazette and Greg and Val submitted their Margaret Morrison Regimental Sporran and Military Purse samples for consideration. After eighteen months or so in 2007, Margaret Morrison Sporran Makers of Perth were thrilled to discover they had won the contract to supply the Ministry of Defence with five thousand Regimental Horse Hair Sporrans and five thousand Military Purses, a contract that was required to be completed within three months.
The whole team of sporran makers at Margaret Morrison jumped into action and worked tirelessly day, nights and every weekend, literally pulling out all the stops to get the contract completed on time. Greg and the team were thrilled to learn that upon delivery and inspection all five thousand Military Purses passed quality control with flying colours and Greg to this day recalls that moment as one of Margaret Morrisons biggest achievements to date! The successful delivery of the second half of the contract to the MOD was completed soon after and Margaret Morrison continued to supply the Ministry of Defence with Regimental Sporrans for a further five years until 2011, when the contract was up for renewal.  Unfortunately, the contact went to an overseas contractor and the manufacture of Regimental Sporrans was no longer made in Scotland by Scotsmen and women.
Whilst all the sporrans made here in Scotland by our team were of our usual exceptionally high quality, we were receiving complaints about the ones made overseas and had to explain that they were no longer made in Scotland by us.
This got us thinking..


With support from the Scottish Tartans Authority, Prince Charles, now King Charles III, a huge patron of Scottish and its crafts and Heritage paid us a visit.
 During this visit, he expressed great interest in our family business and was very encouraged to hear of our intention and determined efforts to win back the contract and start making the Regimental Sporrans in Scotland once again.
In 2016, we were thrilled to learn that we had won back the MOD contract and once again our Regimental Sporrans would be made here, in Scotland by our very own skilled Artisans. The new five year contract took us to 2021 and the era of the Covid 19 Pandemic, when, much to our disappointment the contract went back overseas. We have been making noise with enough of the right people to now have the contracts for the sporrans separated from the contract for the uniforms, allowing us to re-tender for them when the time comes, retaining our reputation as the World's leading Regimental sporran makers whilst also keeping Scottish Heritage crafts alive and thriving and ensuring Regimental Sporrans for Scotland Regiments are made in Scotland.
You can view our Regimental Sporrans here.