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Our team of Sporran Makers

Margaret Morrison - making traditional hand-crafted leather and horsehair sporrans for over 25 years.

Margaret Morrison began with an idea back in 1999. Brother and Sister Greg and Valerie Whyte decided to join their creative and business skills and start a traditional sporran making business.  Valerie was already highly experienced in the traditional craft of leather work and hand-crafted sporrans and Greg was well established in the world of finance and business development.  Their first premises was shall we say 'compact' being a wooden hut in their back garden. 
With Highland wear beginning to thrive, their small family business reputation for high quality sporrans and excellent customer service began to grow. Always the astute businessman and way before the birth of the internet, Greg would travel to cities in Scotland with his case full of exquisite handmade sporrans and show the local retailers why they should buy from Margaret Morrison. 

Saying Goodbye to the original Margaret Morrison Sporran Workshop

Eager to expand their offer, Greg and Valerie invested in new tools and equipment which meant they would have to leave their beloved hut in the garden and look for somewhere bigger.  During their search they found new premises at Scone Airport.  These new and more suitable premises allowed Greg and Valerie to expand their range of leather and horsehair sporrans, enough to see the creation of their first printed catalogue, which we still have copies of on display in our workshop.
After a few years of building their range of sporrans, Greg decided to do a trade show in New York where the Margaret Morrison brand became a huge hit. A chance telephone call from Pennsylvania in the USA got Margaret Morrison their first 'trade' client who wanted to offer the collection of Sporrans in their retail shop to complement their other Highland products.
Fast forward to 2006 and a Tartan Fashion Show in the USA showcasing the many ways to wear tartans and sporrans had the phones ringing off the hook at Margaret Morrison's premises and the demand for their sporrans grew rapidly. The team expanded to include highly skilled and experienced artisans, with a combination of complimentary craft and leather work skills to make hand crafted sporrans which were exported worldwide to meet demand.
Today, Margaret Morrison remains a small yet highly creative team of seven artisans who between them have almost 100 years’ experience in their craft. Customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and of course locally throughout Scotland. 
Greg, Donna, Liam, Kim, Mario, Jake, and Paul are the creative team behind the collection of sporrans as it is today.  With a lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that a sporran from Margaret Morrison is an heirloom piece for generations to come.