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Regimental Sporrans

Regimental Sporrans

A collection of regimental sporrans typically worn as part of the ceremonial dress uniform.

Historically, regiments used a number of tassels to distinguish themselves from others and according to dress regulations and officer's sporrans were usually different to other ranks usually being much more ornate. 


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Royal Regiment of Scotland white goat hair Regimental sporran
Regimental full dress sporran with Royal Regiment of Scotland crest in center with motto engraved on shoulders of metal work  made by Margaret Morrison
Regimental horse hair sporran current M.O.D issue  made by Margaret Morrison
Regimental leather sporran current M.O.D issue  made by Margaret Morrison
Scots Guards horsehair regimental sporran current M.O.D issue
Regimental Royal Scots Dragoon Guards current issue horse hair sporran  made by Margaret Morrison
Leather Military Purse Daywear Sporran
Military Purse Daywear Sporran Sale price£118.50 GBP
Lest we forget leather poppy sporran