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The Britannia Reeling Sporran

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The Britannia Gentleman's Reeling Sporran was designed as a tribute to the spirit of Caledonia, evoking images of Clans and noble warriors. Finished with a regal cantle and intricate sporrans cones, this elegant sporran will gracefully move with you as you dance the reel. Our range of reeling sporrans have all been created with the Margaret Morrison creative flair and offer a very respectful nod to those who wore them in days gone by.

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Margaret Morrison have been making the finest leather daywear sporrans, formal sporrans and semi-formal sporrans for over 25 years in our state-of-the-art workshop in Perth, Scotland. We ship our traditional sporrans all over the world on a daily basis. All sporrans are handmade by highly skilled artisans and come with a lifetime guarantee. When you buy a sporran from Margaret Morrison Sporran Makers, it's not just a sporran, it's an heirloom piece that will be treasured by future generations of your family.

The Britannia Reeling Sporran
The Britannia Reeling Sporran Sale price£475.00 GBP